Adam Conque, Deacon Aspirant for the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana, talks with us about his family’s holiday traditions and encourages us to let the Incarnation of Christ influence our New Year’s Resolutions.

A Reading from Saint Hippolytus

Joe Heschmeyer, from, joins us to marvel at the mystery of the Incarnation, and helps us make sense of the implications of so great a mystery.

A Reading from St. Augustine

Bo Bonner, Host of The Uncommon Good, discusses joy in the waiting — Gaudete Sunday in Advent — and how his family manages to observes the season of Advent, even when visiting family that doesn’t hold the tradition.

A Reading from St. Leo the Great

Christopher Altieri, from Vatican Radio, joins us to talk about Advent as a season of Waiting for the Kingdom of God. He also shares his Advent and Christmas experiences as an American raising kids in Rome.

A Reading from St. Cyprian on Patience

Haley Stewart, who blogs at, shares her family’s journey toward celebrating the liturgical calendar, and gives some practical advice for how you might begin to commemorate the feasts and the fasts in the Church Year.

A Reading from St. Augustine