Father Sebastian Walshe, O. Praem. joins us to talk about digging deeper into scripture by exploring the four senses of scripture.

Dr. John Bergsma joins us to talk about "A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament", a new book he co-authored with Dr. Brant Pitre, available on Ignatius Press. We talk about how to read the Old Testament with the mind of the Church.

Andrew Casad joins us to talk about our journey, which mirrors the catechumen's journey, through Lent.

I had the great pleasure of sitting down face-to-face with JonMarc Grodi at the Zaneville, OH offices and studio of the Coming Home Network (chnetwork.org), where we talked about their new social media network (chnetwork.mn.co) for converts. We talk about the ongoing and developing work of the Coming Home Network, and talk about the continual call to conversion that goes out to all who follow Christ.

Tim Glemkowsi, founder of L'Alto Catholic Insititute (www.laltocatholic.com), talks with us about the importance and primacy of prayer in spiritual renewal, whether parish or personal.

Our world makes it easy to react and respond without thinking. Joe and Anna Heschmeyer talk to us about the importance of letting prayer shape us, and inform our reactions. 

Fr. Michael White of Church of the Nativity (of the book "Rebuilt" fame) wrote a blog post about why his parish doesn't encourage small children to attend mass, opting instead to have them attend an age-specific program coinciding with mass. This set off a social media firestorm, with bloggers, tweeters, youtubers, philosophers, canon lawyers, and much more to weigh in with their disputations. I am joined by Kate Wicker to discuss the matter on-air.

Kendra Tierney, author of "The Catholic All Year Compendium" available on Ignatius Press, joins us to talk about incorporating the Liturgical Year into your family's lifestyle. Visit her blog www.catholicallyear.com for more resources.

Dr. Douglas Beaumont (douglasbeaumont.com), like catechetical leaders around the country, has been spending a lot of time in thought about how to stem the tide of young people who are leaving the Church. We talk about the concept of Family Catechesis and explore how it might provide success where other methods have not.

Bo Bonner, host of the Uncommon Good on Iowa Catholic Radio and director of the Zita Institute, joins us to talk about his article in the Church Life Journal on the topic of Baptism

Andrew Casad joins us to discuss how, by meditating on the ways in which God chose to reveal Jesus Christ to the world through the central mysteries we celebrate on Epiphany, we might gain a fuller understanding of how we are called to reveal Jesus Christ to the world today through evangelization.

Does Santa Subtly Subvert the Sacred Story?!?!? Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo of the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame joins us to discuss his article from OSV Newsweekly.

Constance T. Hull (who blogs at swimmingthedepths.com) joins us to talk about making the most of what's left of Advent by making time to encounter God in silence, and letting that silence and stillness confront and heal our brokenness.

Mary Jo Gerd of www.lateforchurch.blog shares her Advent Life Hacks to Help your Family Grow in Holiness. 

Joe Heschmeyer joins us to talk about the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We talked about how fitting it is that Mary would be saved from even the stain of original sin for the sake of Christ. And we reflect on how we can gain a deeper understanding of both Advent and the Immaculate Conception by taking them both together.

 Laura Kelly Fanucci and Franco David Fanucci join us to talk about their new book "Grieving Together: A Couple's Journey Through Miscarriage." This is a must-hear interview. Whether you know it or not, your life has been touched by miscarriage. This book is deeply touching and profoundly helpful. If you've experienced miscarriage this book will be a consolation. If you have not experienced miscarriage, this book will help you be a consolation to those who have.

Father George Elliott joins us to talk about his new book "Discernment Do's and Don'ts" available on www.tanbooks.com. We look at discernment in light of Christ the King Sunday, and how acknowledging the sovereignty of God can help us humbly seek his will.

Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo, from the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame (icl.nd.edu) joins us to talk about the Communion of the Saints, and we celebrate 4 years of broadcasting Outside the Walls!

Jen McLane is a Foster parent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She shares the story of how she came to foster, and the importance of fostering and adoption. Listen, and let your soul be warmed and your heart inspired!

Fr. Bill Watson, S.J. of the Sacred Story Institute (Sacredstory.net) joins us to talk about the Ignatian Examen, and how 15 minutes a day can change your life. 

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