Dr. Pia de Solenni, former chancellor of the Diocese of Orange, joins us to talk about St. Pope John Paul II's understanding of the Feminine Genius and explores how this manifests in the workplace.

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Jill Simons, foundress of Pink Salt Riot and Kindred Forest, joins us to talk about Entrepreneurship, the Feminine Genius, mom's working outside the home, and much more in this wide-ranging discussion.

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It's back to School time! Lives get busy, schedules fill up, and it's easy for faith to get lost in the mix. Taylor Schroll, host of the Forte Catholic podcast talks to us about engaging our kids, and especially our teens, in the faith!

Dr. Michael Barber, of the Augustine Institute, joins us to talk about the importance of reading scripture in its literary and historical contexts, and discusses his new books Paul, a New Covenant Jew and Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know.


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Dave Orsborn, of St. Gabriel Radio, shares with us his practice taking the needs of others with him into Eucharistic Adoration, and interceding for them.

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A recent Pew Research Center survey concluded that many Catholics do not believe in the doctrine of Transubstantiation. Katie Prejean McGrady joins me to talk about the tricky and insufficient nature of survey questions, and also talks solutions for increasing the faithful's understanding of this central tenet of the faith.

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Ben Wilson, Director of the Summer Service Learning Program at Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns, discusses his recent Church Life Journal article "Jesus Reveals God in Hiddenness" in light of the Transfiguration. 

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What do we owe to each other? Joe Heschmeyer joins us to explore the demands of Charity and Humility on us in our conversations with others – especially our disagreements.

Tony Vasinda, Founder of Catholic Beard Balm (www.catholicbalm.co), joins us to talk about Relational Evangelism.

Patrick Conley, who works with the Catherine of Siena Institute (siena.org), joins us to talk about discipleship and the importance of the Charisms (gifts of the Holy Spirit) in the life of the disciples and for the life of the Church.

Dr. Tamra Fromm, director of discipleship at the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan (CBSMich.org), joins us to talk about Pre-Evangelization and the New Evangelization.


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Do you struggle with perfectionism? You're not alone! Colleen Carroll Campbell writes about her own struggle with perfectionism and how the saints helped her trade out her idea of perfection for God's. 

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Dr. Sarah Bartel (drsarahbartel.com) joins us to talk about her new book "A Catechism for Family Life," and her new endeavor "Canafeast.com" that serves as marriage enrichment and community for those in their first 15 years of marriage.

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Jonathan F. Sullivan, the director of parish ministries, services, and catechesis for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, joins us to talk about the importance of discipleship in the home, and talks about his 5 part free webinar found at buildingabetterdisciple.tumblr.com.

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Jenna Guizar, Founder and Creative Director of Blessed is She (www.blessedisshe.net), joins us to talk about the Blessed is She network, the new Virtue focused devotional for Kids, Rise Up: Shining with Virtue, and the way we pass on the faith to our kids.

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Deacon Kevin Sartorius is the CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma

MaryLynn Lufkin is the Director of Eastern Oklahoma Outreach and of Disaster Relief at Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma.

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Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Seattle, joins us to unpack the Sacrament of Confirmation and to dispel some misconceptions about this sacrament of initiation.

Shannon K. Evans has a new book available for preorder on Our Sunday Visitor (osv.com) called Embracing Weakness: The Unlikely Secret to Changing the World. You can read the first chapter at her website www.shannonkevans.com


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Constance T. Hull, who blogs at www.swimmingthedepths.com, joins us to talk about a new piece on Catholic Exchange called "Becoming a Saint is the Most Radical Call of All."

Tony Vasinda (of www.projectym.com, www.catholicbalm.co, the new BrandStanding game, and more) joins us to talk about living out Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in our lives.

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