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March 30, 2019

Our creedal "I Believe" has significant implications on the way we live our daily lives. Each week we ask the question "What difference does my faith make?" To help answer that question, I'm privileged to bring you interviews with philosophers, theologians, priests, deacons, bishops, professed religious, authors, apostolate directors, and lay faithful who are living from the center of their faith in the middle of their world.

Why should I support OTW? The show has always been a labor of love. I've never received compensation from a network to air the show. All my support has come from listeners like you who want to see the show continue. Most show hosts on Catholic Radio use the show to promote their books or speaking engagements, but I have seven kids and no time to write that best seller. 

How can I support OTW? Even at $5 a month, your patronage will make a huge difference. The goal isn't to have one person pay a large amount, but rather, to have a large group of people pay a small amount to ensure the continuation of the show. 

What am I supporting? Your support would ensure that I can afford to maintain and replace all the equipment necessary to record and produce the show. It would cover the cost of the website and podcast hosting. It would also ensure that I could continue to invest the time needed to schedule guests, record, edit, and promote the show each week.

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