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Lately, I've taken to encouraging my children to "Make other people's lives easier" in an effort to help them think through how their actions affect o...View Details

Will things return to normal? Should they? Tony Vasinda and I spend some time exploring the possibilities of a Post-Quarantine Church.Patreon supporte...View Details

Tony Vasinda, Founder of Catholic Beard Balm (, joins us to talk about Relational Evangelism.

Tony Vasinda (of,, the new BrandStanding game, and more) joins us to talk about living out Truth, Goodness, and ...View Details

Tony Vasinda joins us to talk about, which provides resources and training for youth ministers to go beyond stereotypical youth group in...View Details

Tony Vasinda, of,, and, talks about the Eucharist in the life of a disciple. Get extra s...View Details

Tony Vasinda talks about his new podcast, and the importance of having ‘Threshold conversations.’ The First Step in Evangelization is Listening. A Tre...View Details

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