Krista Corbello, founder of Even This Way, had been involved in Pro-Life advocacy for years before she learned that she had a sibling who was lost to abortion. Krista shares with us how this revelation impacted her and eventually pushed her to embrace a consistent life ethic, and to create a space for sibling survivors of abortion to find healing and community.

Joe Heschmeyer joins me as we unpack a question posed by Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa to the US Bishops, a follow-up question by one of those Bishops to the attendees of the Catholic Answers conference, and a follow-up question we have based on the previous two. All three questions stem from the distinction between knowing a Person and knowing a Personality.

Poet, David Russell Mosley, joins us to talk about Dante in light of the Pope's recent Apostolic Letter that we all read Dante this year, and the popular reading group. We talk about the place of poetry in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and discuss how an individual may benefit from both the reading and writing of poetry.

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