My Social feed has been flooded with anniversary pictures - wedding anniversaries, and ordination anniversaries. But there has also been quite a hubbub around the priestly promise of obedience to their bishop. While there is a specific cause of the talk this time around out of the Diocese of LaCrosse, it is by no means an isolated issue. Every few years this pops into the public consciousness, and it is worth taking the time to talk about it.

Fr. Colin Parrish joins us to help us understand it.

We just celebrated a Confirmation in this house, and Deacon Charles Beard was the sponsor. We took the opportunity to record face to face and to explore the connection between Confirmation and Pentecost. 

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Andrew Casad, the Steward of Christian Initiation and Matrimony at St. Michael Parish in Olympia Washington, talks about Pope Francis' new motu proprio, "Antiquum Ministerium" and the institution of the Ministry of Catechist.

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Dr. Leonard J. Delorenzo, from the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame, joins us to talk about his new book on prayer, "Into the Heart of the Father: Learning From and Giving Yourself Through Christ in Prayer." In both the book and the conversation, he suggests simple perspective shifts that have profound implications in our practice and experience of prayer.

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Fr. Casey Cole, OFM produces videos for the popular Youtube Channels Breaking in the Habit and Upon Friar Review. He joins us today to talk about living a life of evangelization. 

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