Paul Fahey, a Co-founder of, joins us to talk about our responsibility to preserve unity with the Church, and we discuss the importance of Humility and Docility when wrestling with confusion or misunderstanding with our priests, bishops, and the pope.

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On March 27th 2020, the eyes of the world were fixed on St. Peter's Square. There in the darkness, Pope Francis stood before an empty square and offered the whole world the hope of Christ. Whatever storms we find ourselves living through, the words, prayers, and events of that night can provide direction, encouragement, and hope. 

Jaymie Stuart Wolfe has compiled a beautiful book to explain the significance of the evening, and provide a tool for walking through these prayers again and again.

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Fr. Edward Looney joins us to talk about his new book "Meditations After Holy Communion," available on Sophia Institute Press.

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Hen Hensley joins us to talk about the work of the Coming Home Network (, and we discuss how to support converts once RCIA and the Easter Vigil are over.

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