Joe Heschmeyer ( joins to talk about the role of the Wilderness/Desert/Desolation in the Spiritual life of a disciple.

Win a copy of "When Christ Suffered: A Doctor's Journey Through the Passion" by Thomas W. McGovern, MD by sharing a recent story on our Facebook or Twitter of how God subverted your expectations and what it taught you about God and about yourself. 

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Karianna Frey (, author of Serviam Non Serviam: A Daily Examination of Conscience Journal, joins us to talk about the hard work of discerning our hidden faults.

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Dr. Maria C. Morrow joins us to talk about her new book "A Meaningful Parent's Guide for a Meaningful Lent.

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The OSV Innovation Challenge is back! I talk with Dr. Matt Smith, the Director of Strategic Alliances at the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation about the place of Innovation in the life of a missionary disciple, about Saints who are known for innovation, and the work OSV is doing to foster innovation today.

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