Jennifer Fitz ( joins us to talk about the importance of fostering positive discourse, and how to avoid misunderstandings as we seek to share the Gospel.

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Dr. Mark Giszczak, from the Augustine Institute, joins us to talk about the importance of Sacred Scripture in our lives and talks to us about the new ESV-CE translation of the Bible distributed by the Augustine Institute.

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St. Paul told the people of Corinth that "The love of Christ impels us!" As we grow closer to Christ and experience His love, we grow in an unexpected and unquenchable desire to make him known. St. Paul Street Evangelization ( has proven non-confrontational methods to help you learn the process of evangelization. 

Adam Janke, the COO of St. Paul Street Evangelization, shares stories and insights from his own experiences.

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Reflecting on the events of national significance from this past week, Dcn. Charles Beard and I look at how the Baptism of the Lord - and our own baptisms - should impact our outlook and our actions to such unsettling moments in history.

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Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo ( from the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame joins us to talk about the free course "Praying with the Saints" to help you create new habits of prayer in the new year.

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