October 17, 2020

Tommy Tighe - #BlessedMother

Tommy Tighe (www.twitter.com/theghissilent) joins us to talk about his new book #BlessedMother: How to Follow, Share, and Defend Mary in the World of Social Media (available on www.OSV.com). We talk a bit about how the weirdness of Catholicism can be an odd, but effective means of evangelization.

Our Patreon supporters get an extra 10 minutes of conversation about Tommy's Podcast, St. Dympnha's Playbook, which endeavors to destigmatize mental health issues, and give Catholics tools and support to face difficulties. Learn more at https://www.patreon.com/posts/42856971.

Damon Owens, Executive Director of JoyToB.org and founder of JoyfulEverAfter.com, join us to talk about unjust structures, systemic racism, and handling conflict with grace.

This is one of the most important, and one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had on the show.

We also touch on the new Encyclical Fratelli Tutti and its relation to our topic of the day.

Father Andy Davy, MIC joins us to talk about his youtube videos for the children of his parish school (Father Andy's Virtual Neighborhood - https://youtu.be/xr6d-vtupDg). We talk about the benefit of approaching the world like a child.

Patreon supporters get an extra segment in which Fr. Davy talks about his vocation story and more. Learn more and listen here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/fr-andy-davy-mic-42312776.

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