Daniel and Bethany developed the Life-giving Wounds retreat (www.lifegivingwounds.org) from their personal and professional experience and extensive study. It is a much-needed program helping identify and heal the wounds experienced by the adult children of divorce or separation. Listen and share this episode with all who may need it.

If you are experiencing difficulty in your marriage, consider a retrouvaille retreat (www.helpourmarriage.com). To grow in your marriage, visit www.foryourmarriage.com.

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Jennifer Fitz (www.jenniferfitz.com) joins us to talk about my favorite topic, Evangelization. She's written a very practical tutorial on the topic, and we pick a few high-points to discuss; particularly the interior component of evangelization and the proper place for apologetics.

This is a great discussion and a fantastic book!

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Allison Gingras (https://reconciledtoyou.com/) joins us to talk about her new Catholic journaling book Seeking Peace: A Journey from Worry to Trust.

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Mark P. Shea and I explore the four pillars of Catholic Social Teaching (The Dignity of the Human Person, The Common Good, Subsidiarity, and Solidarity) and talk about his new book on New City Press, "The Church's Best Kept Secret: A Primer on Catholic Social Teaching."

We recollect our own first encounters as converts with the Church's Social Teaching, and the struggle we experienced in coming to appropriate it.

Grab a coffee and sit down with us for this jovial conversation.

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