Dr. Matthew Levering joins us to talk about Pentecost and the Person of the Holy Spirit. 

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We're joined by Marcel LeJeune, President and Founder of www.CatholicMissionaryDisciples.com and author of the new book the Contagious Catholic: The Art of Practical Evangelization available on Ascension press. We talk about Evangelization in light of the Ascension and the Great Commission.

Joe Heschmeyer joins me again to talk about his new book "Who am I, Lord? Finding Your Identity in Christ" available soon on Our Sunday Visitor (www.osv.com).


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Sam Jennings of the Servi Institute, (serviOKC.org / twitter @serviOKC), joins us to talk about their Urban Garden project in North Tulsa, and how it can be one component of a spiritual revitalization in our families and neighborhood.

My darling bride joins me to talk about a new endeavor we're starting - Our Litany of Saints! Join us for an entertaining, and sometimes meandering conversation about parenting in quarantine and beyond. 

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