Caitlin Marchand, author and stay-at-home mom of six, shares with us the challenges of living Sunday well when the Mass is not available, and talks about the positive conversations and practices her family has implemented in this time of uncertainty.

Dr. Taylor Patrick O'Neill joins us to examine the response to the Novel COVID virus and to determine if our quarantine is a fitting response. We discuss his recent article on the Right Spiritual Decision for the Faithful.

In our Patreon Exclusive Segment we ask the question, "Can COVID create choice conditions for communicating Christ?" as we look at the Evangelistic landscape in which we currently find ourselves.

Fr. Joe Krupp (twitter @JoeinBlack) has #TalkedtotheBoss and he wants to help you do the same. I was thrilled to sit down with Fr. Joe and talk about orienting our lives to Christ!

Fr. Simeon Spitz is a Monk and Priest from St. Gregory Abbey in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He joins us to illuminate our Lenten journey in light of the Exodus of God's Chosen People. Through Exodus we learn who God is and how he operates, which helps us to understand our relationship with him.

Patreon Supporters always get an extra segment. This week, you'll hear a mind-blowing* allusion in the book of Revelation to the Genesis Covenant. Join the Patreon Support Community to hear it -


*At least, it blew my mind.

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