I had the great pleasure of sitting down face-to-face with JonMarc Grodi at the Zaneville, OH offices and studio of the Coming Home Network (chnetwork.org), where we talked about their new social media network (chnetwork.mn.co) for converts. We talk about the ongoing and developing work of the Coming Home Network, and talk about the continual call to conversion that goes out to all who follow Christ.

Tim Glemkowsi, founder of L'Alto Catholic Insititute (www.laltocatholic.com), talks with us about the importance and primacy of prayer in spiritual renewal, whether parish or personal.

Our world makes it easy to react and respond without thinking. Joe and Anna Heschmeyer talk to us about the importance of letting prayer shape us, and inform our reactions. 

Fr. Michael White of Church of the Nativity (of the book "Rebuilt" fame) wrote a blog post about why his parish doesn't encourage small children to attend mass, opting instead to have them attend an age-specific program coinciding with mass. This set off a social media firestorm, with bloggers, tweeters, youtubers, philosophers, canon lawyers, and much more to weigh in with their disputations. I am joined by Kate Wicker to discuss the matter on-air.

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