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Catholics are Pro-Life! This is a consistent tenet of the faith. Her pro-life position, however, doesn't begin and end with the unborn. Rather, our ad...View Details

My darling bride joined me on air to talk about the power and importance of making a definitive choice. This is true in marriage, and resolutions, and...View Details

I'm joined this week by my bride, Kristin Putnam, cofounder of and Representative to the United Nations for WOOMB Intl. You've heard peop...View Details

My darling bride joins me to talk about a new endeavor we're starting - Our Litany of Saints! Join us for an entertaining, and sometimes meandering co...View Details

On the feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, my bride and I share a story of how through our experience of suffering God revealed something important abou...View Details

My Darling bride joins us to talk about fostering sanctity in the home, and how we work to get the whole family to heaven! An extra segment is availab...View Details

It's a different sort of show this week. Kristin Putnam (my Darling Bride) joins the show for an intimate reflection on our first 11 years of marriage...View Details

My Beautiful Bride discusses the importance our family places on Almsgiving, and how it strengthens us spiritually in the season of Lent.

Featuring: Readings for Saturday, July 18, 2015 A Homily on the Gospels by St. Gregory the Great Kristin Putnam, Cofounder and COO of NFP Aware Our NF...View Details

Featuring: Readings for Saturday, May 23, 2015 Nazareth as a Model - Bl. Pope Paul VIKristin Putnam, my Beloved Bride of nine years.Creating a Catholi...View Details

Featuring: Readings for Saturday, May 16, 2015 Paragraph 48, Gaudium et Spes Kristin Putnam, my Beloved Bride of nearly nine years. "I want to know wh...View Details

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