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Sam Rocha joins us today to talk about phenomenology, and more broadly philosophy, as an important tool to understand the world around us. He promotes...View Details

Dr. Sam Rocha ( joins us to reflect on the differences between Patriotism and Nationalism, Americanism and Catholicism.

Dr. Samuel D. Rocha joins us to talk about #DACA, the dignity of the human person, and the common good from both a principled and a personal perspecti...View Details

Sam Rocha, editor of Patheos' Catholic Channel, talks about our duty to form our consciences, and how to go about forming our consciences. Over on my ...View Details

Featuring: Sam Rocha talks about his new album, Fear and Loving, his new book Folk Phenomenology, and the Order of Knowledge. A Reading from a Comment...View Details

Featuring: Sam Rocha talks about Ellis Island, and the difference between crossing the border, and getting crossed by the border. Readings for Saturda...View Details

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