Sr. Margaret Gibbons, FSGM talks to us about the charism of her order - "Making the Merciful Love of Christ Visible" - and the various ways her community lives out that charism. She also shares about their nomination for the Lumen Christi Award from Catholic Extension.

Katie Prejean McGrady joins us to talk about how a simple word of kindness can be the catalyst for evangelization. She shares two specific examples from her personal experience. Follow her on twitter, @katieprejean

Tony Vasinda joins us to talk about, which provides resources and training for youth ministers to go beyond stereotypical youth group into making life-long disciples. He extends the opportunity for you to be involved through, their first (and, he hopes, only) crowdfunding campaign.

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Sr. Anne Flanagan, FSP talks about their guide for a Holy Hour in Reparation of the Clergy Abuse Scandal. She also shares Blessed James Alberione's approach to making a Holy Hour and gives practical steps to structuring your hour of adoration.

Kendra Tierney, of "" shares the story behind the #SackclothAndAshes online movement to pray, fast, and do penance in reparation for the Clergy Abuse Scandal. Find out more information at