Dr. David Russell Mosley, who blogs on the Patheos Catholic channel at Letters from the Edge of Elfland, joins us to reflect on his conversion and his first year as a Catholic.

Bumper music by Andy Gullahorn (www.andygullahorn.com)

Elizabeth Scalia, who blogs at theanchoress.com, joins us to talk about the lasting soul-damage caused by those little venial sins and how to overcome them.

Sr. Melissa Moxley, M.S., the formation directress of the Marian Sisters of the Diocese of Lincoln joins us to talk about the role of silence in spiritual growth, as well as some practical steps to approach silence in your own life. 

Dr. Maria Morrow, of Seton Hall University, joins us to talk about her project gograyforlent.blogspot.com. We discuss the history of penance, and how we might reclaim a more robust understanding of the role of penance in our lives.

Fr. Carlos Martins, CC, of www.treasuresofthechurch.com, speaks with us about the Relics of the saints.

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