Dr. Chad Gerber shares the story of his 11-year-old daughter Evie’s passing on All Hallows Eve 2015.

He shares both grief and joy with us as he reflects on ground zero of the communion of the saints.

A reading from St. Clement

Joe Heschmeyer, award-winning author of ShamelessPopery.com talks Purgatory and Indulgences, and how their misuse and misunderstanding served as a catalyst for Martin Luther's actions.

A reading from St. Augustine

Tony Vasinda talks about his new podcast, and the importance of having ‘Threshold conversations.’

The First Step in Evangelization is Listening.

A Treatise on John by St. Augustine

Catholic YouTube Superstar Steve the Missionary brings the Cradle vs Convert Smackdown: Mary our Mother edition.

We talk about what Converts can learn from Cradle-Catholics regarding Marian Devotion.

A reading on Meditating on the Life of Christ from St. Bernard