Dr. Pia de Solenni (www.moraltheologian.com) discusses the ways in which authentic femininity manifests in prayer, and the new book to which she contributed “When Women Pray” available on Sophia Institute Press.

An Invocation of the Holy Spirit by St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi.

It's a different sort of show this week. Kristin Putnam (my Darling Bride) joins the show for an intimate reflection on our first 11 years of marriage. Join us as we share our thoughts with one another.

Bishop-Elect Daniel Mueggenborg talks about his encounter with the first American-born martyr, Fr. Stanley Rother, and with St. Teresa of Calcutta. 

We discuss the place of service in the Christian Life, and the Universal Call to Holiness.

A Reading from St. Peter Chrysologus

Dr. Ray Guarendi, Clinical psychologist, father of 10, New York Times best-selling author, discusses his new book "Advice worth Ignoring" which contains proven strategies for effective and loving discipline, and gives solid reasons for why listening to the experts is not always your best option.