Chuck Neff, Host of The Inner Life on Relevant Radio, discusses Spiritual Direction, and Personal & Marital Growth. 

Our reading from Church History is from the Dialogue on Divine Providence by St. Catherine of Siena.

Jeremy Priest, the Director of Family Life and Pro-Life Activities for the Diocese of Tulsa, discusses the origin and practice of the Octave of Easter.

We hear a homily on the Octave of Easter by Saint Augustine.

A Holy Saturday special 
Christ died for your specific sins
Dr. Doug Beaumont discusses his conversion to the Catholic Church
An Ancient Homily from Holy Saturday

Dr. David Franks joins us and talks about how Christ suffered for us, and how our suffering can be a participation in his. 

A reading from Spe Salvi.

We talk about Lauren K and our opportunity/responsibility to help those entering religious vocations, even as they will help us through their vocations later. 

Adam Conque of Christ our King Radio in Lafayette, LA talks about the Little Way in between the extremes of Scrupulosity and Laxity in our Lenten disciplines.

A reading from St. Francis de Sales introduction to the Devout Life.